Introduction to Boccia

Boccia is a precision ball sport, similar to bocce and related to bowls. The game can be played as individuals or in teams of two or three and the aim is to throw leather balls as close as possible to a white target ball (jack).


Boccia was initially developed for people with severe impairment, including Cerebral Palsy. It is now inclusive to all individuals with different disabilities. Only individuals with impairments to all four limbs are permitted to play competitively.


B1: Individuals are able to throw, kick or roll a boccia ball but may have moderate to severe problems with their grip and hand function. Individuals are dependent on a wheelchair or powerchair for day to day activities.

B2: Individuals have more stability than B1 and may be able to walk short distances

B3: Individuals with CP who are affected in all four limbs and have difficulty to throw, kick or roll a boccia ball. A ramp is used to help B3 individuals play and they may have an assistant to help them with the ramp.

B4: Individuals who do not have CP but have a moderate to severe impairment which affects how they deliver the boccia ball.

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