Race Running

Race Running

Introduction to Race Running

RaceRunning involves running with the support of a frame, and allows aerobic exercise for individuals with CP who have severe motor and coordination impairments. A frame is used to support the upper body and bodyweight, allowing the legs to propel the athlete forward.


RaceRunning is predominantly suited to those with Cerebral Palsy, although it is also suitable for those with Muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease and other disabilities that affect mobility and balance. The sport is suitable for children from aged 3-4 through to adulthood to enjoy recreationally and competitively.


RR1: Severe involvement of lower limbs and trunk, ineffective leg propulsion, poor trunk control and upper limb involvement

RR2: Moderate involvement of lower limbs and trunk. Asymmetry but more effective propulsion than RR1.

RR3: Mild to moderate involvement of one or both upper limbs, fair to good trunk control. Good push off and no startle reflex

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